Salf Trading

Trade Less Make More

Learn to trade using a statistical edge.

Statistically Backtested Patterns

Learn the patterns I trade proven to work through backtesting years of market data.

High Win Rate Patterns
I only put my money at risk on trades that have at least 75% probability of working.

Back and Forward Tested Patterns
All the patterns I trade have been backtested for 3+ years and I’m constantly forward testing as new market data arrives on a daily basis.

Simple Trade Executions
One entry and one exit is all it takes. My patterns are optimized for beginners. No need to sit at your computer all day long clicking buttons.

Alerts and Complete Trade Plans
Trade plans along with alerts are given in real time in the room.

Live Trading
I go live once a week with screen share so you can learn visually exactly why and how I trade.

1 on 1 Mentoring
I do one on one coaching to give you personal training to help you learn exactly what you need to be successful and answer all your questions.

Salf Trading

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